Help writing Trade Name Public Announcement
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My state requires people starting new businesses that have applied for a Trade Name to publish a simple Public Announcement in your local newspaper. I've found it surprisingly difficult to find a simple template to follow for writing my public announcement. Can someone here help? Thank you.
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Your local paper, regardless of the size of your locality, has someone who has been working in the advertising section for thirty years and is literally sitting at the end of the phone line and would love to help you with just this. Ring the ads section!
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Every jurisdiction requires different info for these kinds of notices, and I've rarely run into a newspaper that runs legal ads and couldn't provide a template. Hell, it's usually standardized enough that you can even pick up a copy of the local paper and copy one of the ads in it and replace the info that ran in there with your own.

(Part of my job is running notices like this for people.)
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