Fitted, flattering house dresses please!
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Inspired by this question, and having recently moved to the South, I am in need of some house dresses to get me through the hot, humid summer. Instead of the loose, drapey kind though, I really prefer curve-hugging, stretchy dresses. Can you recommend some?

I prefer sleeveless dresses, and for comfort I'm probably looking for tank or racerback styles, though I'm willing to consider any style. Showing cleavage is OK.

Length doesn't matter, I like maxi dresses but also probably want some that are shorter for the hottest days.

Must be extremely comfortable and able to withstand some abuse.

I am 5'7" and 150-ish poounds, size 10-12, 34D, with wide hips.

Price point: $30 or below.
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I really like linen shift dresses for summers in central Texas, maybe a princess seam linen dress would suit your style better?
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The ones I love for this are ribbed tank-style dresses, like this one from AA. Note, AA has many styles of cotton dresses, so look through that link. Target also often has cotton/spandex tank dresses.
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I have a tank dress from H&M that's GREAT for schlepping around the house in. Normally I'm team no pants, but during the summer when my windows are open and my neighbors can see in it's probably better to wear something that, you know, covers my butt.

Cheap, stretchy and curve-hugging, so far seems to be standing up to frequent wearings and washings just fine.
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Check out Forever 21. Tank dresses are $13.
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For what it's worth, last summer I just hit up Marshalls and they had a lot of different inexpensive variants of this type of dress.

For a slightly more expensive version, I like dresses I find at REI.
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I have a great tank maxi dress from Old Navy.
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