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I have pretty bad ptsd from some very traumatic dental experiences. About 30 minutes ago I cracked my molar (a whole chunk off the top). I am freaking out, both because of the tooth and also because I know I need to go to the dentist. Does anyone know of a sedation dentist in NYC that you would recommend? Preferably one that takes guardian dental insurance? Many thanks in advance.
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Two caveats to my recommendation -
1. they only take the higher-tier guardian insurance
2. I'm not 100% sure if they'll do sedation, so you'll have to call to check

But, the Exchange Dental Group in downtown Manhattan has been wonderful to me. I'm a very fearful patient who was forced back to going to the dentist under the same circumstances as you and they took great care of me (I've fainted from fear/stress at the dentist before, so trust I feel your pain here). I actually go to the dentist regularly now because of how kind and gentle people who work in that practice have been with me.
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I don't know if he takes Guardian, but Dr. Michael Sinkin is amazing with my dental anxiety. I went to see him out of a similar need in February 2009 or 2010 and have been going since as I was won over by his chair side manner. He's on E. 40th between Park and Madison.
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I'm a phobic patient and when I was in NYC I went to 209 NYC Dental. The doctor did his best to help me relax without medication, it failed, I was appropriately medicated, everything went great. I had like six fillings done and it was as pleasant as one could reasonably expect fillings to be.
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