I need pants
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I saw these pants on the street: tailored, narrow-leg, bright blue, silk-looking, with a slit from knee to ankle and a tie at the ankle. I must have them, but I cannot find them. Can you?

These are the closest I can find in terms of shape, but I'm not happy about the elastic waist, and I loved the blue.
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The next time you see awesome pants on someone, actually go up to them and say, "OMG those pants are amazing--where did you get them?"

70% of the time they'll smile, be flattered and tell you. 30% of the time they'll be flattered and won't remember.

This is the best tool to use. Second best is taking a picture [but that's a bit weird and way less effective].


The truth is there are just too many pants. You're asking a needle in the haystack question. If you had a picture of the pants then MAYBE someone could help you, but really: there are thousands of pants that fit your 10 word description that are designed every season.

I get the frustration.
I've got an electronic song from the 80's in my head that I haven't been able to find. Super wish I had a recording of it that I could Shazam.

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