Please help me understand this Dalek joke
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On the cover of the most recent issue of the British satirical newspaper Private Eye are a series of Brexit jokes. One shows a Dalek saying, "sorry luv, I've dried." I don't get it, can anyone explain?
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Here's the Private Eye front page in question.
I think it's meant like the "actor" (TV celeb) has "dried up" - forgotten their line. The joke being Daleks mostly just say one thing over and over?
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+1 EndsOfInvention’s explanation, actors are often referred to as, and refer to themselves as, “Luvvies”, the Dalek is saying he’s forgotten his line to the other Daleks.

Inferred from the first two Dalek speech bubbles and their common mannerisms on Doctor Who, the line almost certainly should be “(BR)EXTERMINATE!”.
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Yeah, actor (luvvie) whose forgotten his/her lines.

Not one of the Eye's best, IMHO.
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