App for transcribing?
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Is there an iPad app that will allow me to transcribe specific people in real time?

I have a university class of 8 people, split into two groups of 4. I want to transcribe what students are saying with my iPad with an attached keyboard. (For various reasons, I can't record audio of this).

What I want is an app that simply has the names of the students in a box or button icon. When I push the button the text is tagged to that student. I will be listening to two different discussions at the same time, so I need to switch switch to another student quickly. It's really quite simple, but I can't find any app that can do this. Any ideas?
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You could set up a google form to do this.
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bleep--thanks, but could you give me some pointers? I tried to fiddle with Google Forms but didn't get very far...
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OK actually, I started to set up a form like I was thinking of and then I realized you probably don't want that because you have to wait a few seconds for it to submit depending on your connection speed.
Instead I made you a spreadsheet that lets you have a dropdown in one column with your student names and then you can put notes in the other column. I have used this technique for similar note taking jobs I have had to do. I'll memail you the link. (I like making spreadsheets!)
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You could hire a court reporter/captioner to take down the discussion and send it to your iPad in real time, bu that would be expensive.
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