Best iOS app for groceries?
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Can you suggest iOS apps for groceries that you like? Must be able to sync with another iOS user, and an Apple Watch app would be nice if well done but not critical.

We used to use Grocery IQ, which is ok, and Captain, which is ok but kind of annoying (so I'm switching back to Grocery IQ I think).

I like being able to file groceries by section. I don't need coupons. It needs to have the ability to make multiple lists (e.g. Fred Meyer, Lowes, etc.).
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I love Plan to Eat which also lets you enter your recipes and do meal planning. The ingredients for the meals you plan end up on your grocery list. (Multiple stores are supported, and you can also add items that don't come from recipes.) It's great and has been a game-changer for us. Their iOS option is a web site not an app, but it is really good.
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I like OurGroceries, which has sections and multiple lists, and syncs between multiple devices and also the web.
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Sounds like the built-in Reminders app may fit the bill - it's what I use with my wife and it works like a charm (syncing, multiple lists). You can't segment items, but if you are a regular at the stores you visit, you may find like I do that it is trivial to move items around to fit the store layout.
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We use AnyList and it works well.
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+1 Anylist.
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I've tried several and really like Anylist.
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My wife and I really like BuyMeAPie (-- there's an iOS app (which we use), an Android app (I have no experience) and a web app.

I don't have any experience with AnyList, though-- given the number of recommendations, I think I should try it!
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Seconding MyGroceries
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+2 AnyList
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+3 AnyList
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Honestly, I don't use this very often, but Paprika has a grocery list function that exports to the Reminders app.
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+4 AnyList.

Tried Reminders and that was all well and good until iCloud started messing up syncing.
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N'thing Anylist. You can also set it up to import items from the built-in Reminders app, which is handy for going 'Siri, add eggs to the grocery list' type things when you notice you're out of something. The syncing on Anylist is very fast and reliable and we use the text notes field on each item to pass questions or suggestions back and forward. Like, if I'm out at the supermarket and they don't have our usual brand of X, I can tap a note through to my partner saying so and she can yay or nay my suggested alternative. It's very handy.
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Google Keep has worked well storing shared lists for my wife and I.
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I used to use SplashShopper and really liked it. Separate lists for different stores, check. Groceries by section, check - which is why I liked it. Alphabetical for list making, by section for shopping.
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I use Paprika to track my recipes, and it has this great grocery list feature where you can export your recipe to your grocery list (or just add things manually to the grocery list). Items get organized by section, so produce, meat, dairy, etc.
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Trying AnyList for now--being able to say "hey Siri, add eggs to the grocery list" is super awesome.
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