How many Americans are incarcerated abroad?
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I'm looking for the total number of Americans in prison abroad from a reputable source (ideally but not necessarily the US government or an academic study). It would be great to have some stats for Americans in prison in individual countries (especially Mexico and Canada), but my googling has failed miserably! PLEASE HELP!
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It looks like the State Department is not willing or unable to communicate this information, at least for Mexico. There is a very partial answer here, for US prisoners abroad whose request for transfer in an American prison was granted.
Fortunately, national correctional services are more useful:
In Mexico, there were 928 Americans in jail in 2014 (click on "PoblaciĆ³n en los centros penitenciarios" then select "Nacionalidad de la poblaciĆ³n").
In France, there were 25 US or Canadian prisoners in 2014.
Maybe similar information is provided by the Canadian correctional services.
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