Disability insurance for maternity leave in NYC
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I live and work in NYC and am hoping to become pregnant within the next few months. Right now I am employed as a contractor, which means I don't qualify for any parental leave benefits, according to HR. Are there any ways I can soften the financial blow, besides putting aside savings? Is disability insurance one of them in NYC?
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I'm assuming you're actually paying into the system--there will be a line on your paystub marked "NY SDI" or similar. In that case...

Q. Can a claimant collect Disability Benefits for disability caused by pregnancy?
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I was a regular employee when I went on leave but I do not qualify for state disability so I had to use sick time (a given amt of hours at 65% and then a given amt of hours at 55%). I signed up for a short term disability insurance that was like AFLAC (but it was not AFLAC). So that helped a bit.
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