Difference between three 100mg Bupropion and one Bupropion 300mg XL?
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Should I worry?

My new refills are for three 100mg Bupropion pills instead of my usual one 300mg XL pill. Is there a noticeable difference? Will this switch help with brain fog? I know YANMD....
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I don't know the answer but I would call the pharmacy that filled it and ask.
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Talk to your doctor. You will probably need to stagger doses throughout the day.
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regular buproprion has a much shorter duration of action and you would need to take 100 mg several times a day. It sounds like there was an error, either at the prescribing or the filling end. Check with your pharmacy first, but you may need to get in touch with your doctor's office.
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At the very least it's going to be more of a pain in the ass to take three pills daily than to take one once a day.
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There is absolutely a difference. Call your pharmacist and get it straightened out.
If you have been taking 300 XL, you should not take 300 regular at one time.
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Did the doctor switch you to 100 mg three times a day because he/she is thinking of tapering you off?
Absolutely don't take all three at once, read the label and call the pharmacist to make sure they didn't mess up the prescription.
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Best answer: I'm a pharmacist. You're not in any danger if you already took 3 of the 100's today. The regular and the XL are different but I have known of people who take regular release once a day, with their doctor's blessing, even though it is not how it's supposed to be done.

That said, it's not how it's supposed to be done. The usual dosing for 300mg regular release per day would be 100mg every 8 hrs. Which, yeah, might help with brain fog. Splitting up doses is one way to deal with side effects. In theory your 300mg XL spans the whole day but some people find that taking smaller doses more frequently works better for them. Some people even find they can take less drug overall if it is broken up into multiple doses a day, like 100mg twice a day.

If you call your pharmacist they should be able to call your doctor (maybe not till monday) and they can get a new prescription over the phone if it turns out there was a mistake.
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I'd call the pharmacist or your doctor. I tried the same change (deliberately--not at the pharmacy's whim) and had a lot of trouble sleeping. A single XL in the morning worked much better for me than multiple non-XLs throughout the day.
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