Where is this Gif from? Odd man skipping in the water version.
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Is there a story behind this gif? I seem to need to know this answer more than I need to work today, but with your help maybe I can get back to being productive. Odd man skipping in water... Thank you!
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At the risk of stoking your curiosity even further, here's the source video.
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There is a note at the bottom of the YouTube comments which identifies them as the Licedei troupe. According to this Wikipedia article in French, they were founded in 1968 and active through the fall of the Berlin Wall, and they were popular and subversive because they did not adhere to the formula for good Soviet theater and because they used western music and influences. Through sheer persistence, though, they obtained a practice space from the state and permission to travel, and seem to have been fairly well known in avant-garde international theater circles. (Leading me to wonder if there wasn't some sympathy for them among bureaucrats after all.) After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the troupe dissolved, its members going abroad and on to other projects - some joining the Cirque du Soleil. Later, a school in the spirit of Licedei was formed by some of the old members.

Assuming that this is them, well, that's them.

Some of them apparently kept on touring, as here is a bit more from a 2007 event.

I notice that a lot of the first page or so seems to be in French, which makes sense as there's much more of a satirical clowning tradition in France. They seem a bit like our very own Jeune Lune.

I mean, that doesn't tell you anything about the gif....again, at the bottom of the notes there's something which suggests that it is something like "The Wrong Way To Drink Tea". I bet if there's a Russian-speaking mefite handy, they could clear up a lot of this.
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It's from a surreal soviet comedy from the 80's: 'How to become a star'.
Full film here.

The gif source is at 33.37.
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And it is indeed the Licedei troupe. Still going...
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Well, the song is this one.

Can't find a translation, but it goes something like:

At the Samovar am I and my Masha
It is already dark outside
As does the samovar so boil our passions
The moon laughs in the window

Masha pours me tea
Her gaze promises much
At the Samovar am I and my Masha
We'll eat and drink tea till morning
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