Support organizations for Navy parents?
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My son ships out for Navy boot camp later this month and I'm looking for online support resources and organizations to join.

I'm very proud of my son for making the choice to join the Navy and support him 100 percent (I make sure he knows this). I'm inwardly terrified, of course, but I suppose that's normal. I also have a million questions and I'm not sure where to find answers.

My ex-husband (who my son lives with at the moment) has pressured my son to list his step-mother on his paperwork and leave me off entirely, thus cutting me out of the communication flow. Assume that any information the Navy gives parents or family members will not be passed on to me.

I found the official Facebook page where my son will be stationed for the next couple of months and also took a look at the official Navy website, but I'd like more interactive resources than just those sites. I'd prefer groups and organizations geared to mothers but general parent support and information groups are fine. A lot of the sites Google searches turn up are outdated or shut down.

I know about but they're not taking new members right now.

I don't know anyone who is active military, and I won't discuss my fears, concerns, and questions with people I know because I'm a very private person. I'm willing to entertain the idea of in-person resources but online groups and organizations are an ideal fit for me because I can come and go as needed, ask or answer questions when I need/want to, and remain as private as I choose. So, I guess I want a Metafilter for Navy moms?

Blog suggestions, books, or other resources are welcome too, but my main focus is finding places where Navy parents go to ask questions or just chat with each other on forums or in real-time. I prefer secular resources.

On a related note, according to this PDF I found online "Recruits will mail home a letter with their address during the first week of training... Only your Recruit can provide you with that address." Will he be able to mail two letters at that time (one to me and one to his father)? He very much wants me to begin writing to him as soon as possible and I'm stressed to the gills that I won't be able to obtain his address.
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Getting mail is one of few "rights" new recruits have. If he wants to mail you his address, he can. That doesn't mean he will. Stress to him that you would like his address. Try to make it easy for him to mail you, such as providing him with a stamped, self addressed envelope and blank card where all he has to do is write down his address, seal it and mail it. The reason: Initial training can be really exhausting.
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