Custom printed bandanas?
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For our Boozy Summer Camp-themed wedding, soon-to-be-Mr. Dorinda and I want to get bandanas with our made-up camp logo printed on them to give out to our campers/guests in their welcome baggies. We'd also like to not spend a gazillion dollars on what is in the grand scheme of things an incredibly minor part of our shindig.

It's the second part I'm stumped about: the easiest option (zazzle) is also the most expensive, at nearly $16/bandana. The cheap-o options (promotional printers geared at business/charities) won't generally print less than 148 (we're only having about 50 guests and don't need 12 dozen novelty bandanas). I've also found many places that will do pet bandanas or baby bib bandanas for cheaper, and in smaller quantities....but sadly most of our guests are full-sized humans. Ideally, we'd like our logo in full colour, but we're willing to do white on colored background if it will significantly reduce the cost.
So my questions:
- do you know of any printers that will print custom bandanas in small-ish batches for a somewhat reasonable price? I've done endless googling, but can't seem to find anywhere that works for our size. .
- is there any real, discernible difference between "pet bandanas" and regular bandanas? Can I just get the largest-sized pet bandana and
- if this fails to work out, do you have any other ideas for smallish, fun summer campy items that we can hand out as favours? We've considered t-shirts (but that seems boring), and sew-on or iron-on patches (which could be super fun...but maybe just as spendy).
- Would it be better/cheaper to just get a couple yards of cotton fabric custom printed with our logo, and then cut the bandanas ourselves? And then hem them, or something??

Some details:
- Our logo is a super fun graphic that we'd like to have tiled across the bandana. Places that just print text onto regular bandanas aren't what we're looking for.
- Wedding is mid July, so the timeline is not toooo tight, but not too luxurious either
- We live in the US, but the wedding's in Canada, so online places or even brick-and-mortar joints that ship to either country could potentially work

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Custom fabric is a good option, to save a bit of money. Spoonflower cotton is around $20/yard, and if you're looking at 18" square bandannas, that's 4 per yard (need 54" width to get 3 across, most of the spoonflower cotton fabrics look like 42" wide), so basically 4 bandannas for $20, or buy 13 yards of fabric to make 52 bandannas for $260, plus taking the time to hem them. Not an ideal solution, but possible.
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One color printing will significantly reduce costs. The search term you want is Custom Bandanas. What were you searching or what price is too high because I've found a few options.

Bandana Prints (Screen Gems) does $4.60 for 50 pcs. ($230 total) They have colors to choose from.

Planet Apparel for at $6.15 for 48 pcs ($295 total) you COULD do up to 4 colors but it adds up.

BNoticed you could do a digital transfer print at $5.51 for 60 ($330 total) It's $146 just to get 60 bandanas if you'd want to fabric stamp yourself or get them printed locally so you'd just pay the printing charge.

Custom On It is $5.39 for 48 ($258 total)

Rush Order Tees is $4.46 for 50 ($223 total)

Although you don't need this many, Branders is $330 total for 150.
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If the total cost for 148 bandanas is manageable, and it's simply the quantity of bandanas you have problems with, order them and be generous with your guests with the excess. Keep in mind that the 148 unit figure is going to include a number of misprints (misaligned plates, uneven inking, ink bleed, etc.) so you're likely to have less than 148 actually-presentable bandanas anyway. The misprint rate from the cheap-o printers is probably higher than from the expensive vendors.

And if you actually get 148 perfectly fine bananas, give two per person. Your net cost will still be lower than an order from a exactly-50-bandana vendor would be.
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Buy them from Fairgoods! I've bought other stuff from them and the quality is excellent, plus they specialize in typography, so you can get something really gorgeous. They list the handkerchiefs in increments of 50, but if you want something in between I bet they'd do that too.
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Oh and somehow I totally missed the part about you wanting a logo, not text. That probably makes my suggestion a non-starter.
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