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Bed Delivery guys bent my pocket spring mattress in half to fit it into an elevator. Is my new bed damaged before I have a chance to sleep on it?

A new double bed was delivered to my apartment about an hour ago. My building has quite a small elevator. After delivering the base in the orthodox manner (up the stairs), the delivery guys said "don't bother coming down with us again - we're fine with the mattress" and were inside the elevator with the elevator door closed before I could follow them inside. This felt… odd, so I bolted down the stairs after them and got to the bottom in time to see the mattress INSIDE the elevator - they had jammed it inside by folding it in half - at a 90 degree angle, and with a mild bit of vertical squashing. I squawked, they smiled and, again, closed the door in my face. I ran back up the stairs, and found the mattress already inside the bedroom, and in the process of being laid onto the base.

The question:
The mattress is constructed with pocket springs.
Is one minute of 90 degree folding a problem? Has the internal structure been monkeyed with in a way that it should not be, or will it bounce back as if it never happened? I could see a slight dip in the middle of the mattress where it was bent - is that something that will spring back (no pun intended), or has the lifespan of the bed been substantially reduced?
I have 10 days to find a flaw and make a return. Do I sleep on the bed for a while and see what happens, or should I call the store right now and ask for it to be replaced?
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Probably not, but call the manufacturer of the mattress (not the store) to ask them.
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It's probably not damaged, if you think about the kind of stuff that happens on mattresses for years. However, first, check to see what the warranty says. It's quite possible that it specifically exempts damage from this kind of thing. Then call the store, tell them what happened, and tell them you think the mattress is may be damaged. At the very least, they should come and inspect it. Maybe they convince you it's OK. Or maybe they agree to replace it. Easier to negotiate this in person standing around the mattress.
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Take a picture of that dent.

I would be so unhappy with this, I doubt I'd ever be comfortable on that mattress, and I'd be buying its replacement somewhere else.
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Spring mattresses should not be folded or bent during moving, if at all possible. Especially new ones. Flopping it a little to fit up the stairs is different from what they "cleverly" did.

Don't sleep on it. Call the store and ask for a replacement.
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My IKEA sprung mattress came rolled up. Not sure I can detect any problems.
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Agree with Coda above about rolled ikea mattresses, but it's only the low end ones that come like that. The nicer ones are stored and shipped flat. We had one of each.

Photograph the mattress as is. I like the idea of calling the manufacturer customer service. Also speaking to a manager at the store.

Read the document you signed to acknowledge delivery. It may say that by signing, you acknowledge that it was received undamaged. It may complicate things.
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My dad ran a mattress factory for a while (yeah, yet another weird industry I've been part of, but in this case I was 12)...

Some mattresses can be rolled, compressed, etc. in delivery, but those are all foam.

A spring mattress is a network of springs that's held together by wires. Said wires are fairly heavy gauge - imagine a sandwich made of two flat rectangles, with springs in the middle. These wires are going to go around the edges, or pretty close, and if they folded the thing like a taco, there is likely a problem.

Nthing calling the manufacturer - they won't be pleased at how the store handled their product.
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We have a fairly expensive spring mattress and were expressly told by the manufacturer that it's ok to fold it (but not to store it sideways during transport). YMMV, ask the store.
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