Looking for a Leuchtturm
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Where can I go in the Twin Cities metro area this weekend to see a selection of quality journals/planners?

Inspired by a recent question, I have caught a bug to try to get my life in order in a more analog fashion.

I want to buy nice journal/planner in person, partially because I'm not sure enough of what I want to purchase online, and partially because I am impatient to get started this weekend and don't want to wait for shipping. I am willing to go anywhere in the Twin Cities metro area, but I'd be extra happy with suggestions in Downtown Minneapolis or the Roseville area.

I know Barnes and Noble is the place to go for all things Moleskine, but in my experience I have preferred Leuchtturm1917 brand products, and I'm also curious about things like the Midori Traveler's Notebook.

I want to purchase something "nice" because I want to be a little invested in this new way of doing things. I'm not looking for artist-made, hand-bound items of the type that I'm likely to find at MN Book Arts or I Like You.
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Wet Paint on Grand in St. Paul, or the Paper Source in uptown?
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There's a Paradise Pens in the Mall of America -- I know the Paradise Pens here in Denver stocks Leuchtturm1917 and Rhodia. No Midori, sadly (I'm curious, too.). I don't know how much stock differs between stores but it might be worth a call.
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You may not want to rule out the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. I'm pretty sure I've seen Leuchtturm products in their shop.

Otherwise, you could try Common Good Books, which is a block away from Wet Paint. Magers & Quinn also has a pretty good selection of planners and journals, so they might have what you're looking for. If you don't mind going to the suburbs, you could also check out Dick Blick.
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I went to Minnesota Center for Book Arts, and they did have Leuchtturm1917 journals, but not the size/configuration that I was looking for (they had a whole rainbow of colors of the pocket size, but I was looking for more in the medium size). They also had some Rhodia, but I decided on a package of soft cover notebooks from Clairefontaine (even though I was disappointed that they were ruled, and not gridded or dotted).

Blick Arts is actually pretty close to my house so I went there and they had plenty of Moleskine, a pretty sad collection of Rhodia (no webbies) and a fair selection of Fabriano EcoQua, one of which I grabbed.

So, it turns out that the Eco Qua (though dotted just how I like) won't work super well with the notebook cover I already had, so I need a different cover, or a different notebook.

The search continues...tomorrow or Sunday I intend to traverse Grand Ave and hit Common Good, Wet Paint and Paper Source.
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Have you visited Paper Patisserie on Cathedral Hill? It is at the corner of Western & Selby in St Paul. Bonus: Next door to W. A. Frost which has a great patio for food or drink.
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In my earlier comment I forgot to mention Art Materials near Lyn-Lake. I think they carry Leuchtturm products.
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