Can I renew Illinois Driver License online without renewal form?
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Just noticed my ID/License expired last month...I never received a license renewal form in the mail but meet the other conditions of the "Save Driver" program to renew online, is there anyway to do this?

I moved last year and am pretty positive I updated my address with the Secretary of State website (and have been receiving tickets and other mail associated with my car at my current address), although I'm not sure if this means I only changed my vehicle and not my license too. For what's it worth, the website and form to change my address looks identical to what filled out last year, and I assumed that my driver license address and license plate would be changed together.

Anyway, googling keeps leading me back to this page, which says I meet the other conditions to renew online but I don't have my renewal number. Is there anyway to get this by calling or some other way to renew online, or am I stuck going into the DMV?
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Response by poster: sorry forgot to provide the link I referred to:
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FYI, the Illinois Secretary of State has run out of money for postage due to the state's lack of budget and they are not sending out renewal notices, including for your license plates. So go check when your sticker expires and make darn sure you calendar that because that is a stupid expensive ticket and the state is not going to remind you as they have in every past year ever.

Without a renewal form I think you're out of luck. I believe under ordinary circumstances, once your license actually expires you can no longer use Safe Driver anyway and will have to go to the DMV regardless. If you're avoiding the DMV I assume you're in metro Chicago and you can always do like the downstaters do and take a day trip to a rural DMV where you'll spend 20 minutes renewing and can spend the rest of the day at a state park. (It's so much quicker down here to go to the DMV than wait for the incredibly slow mailing office at the SoS to get stuff back to you. I think the longest line I've ever waited in was three people and that was when I renewed my sticker on the last day of the month like a chump.)
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Use this contact form to email them. Explain that you didn't receive a letter and need your renewal number to renew online. While I haven't done this for the safe driver program, I've had to email both the City of Chicago and State of IL for various renewal things and it's always been fine (i.e. they just email me my renewal number). (I have out of state car registration and until recently had an out of state license, so no one ever snail-mailed me anything.)

If they can't send it to you via email so you can do it online, and you live in Chicago as Eyebrows is guessing, I got in and out of the one in the basement of the Thompson Center for my first-ever IL license (had to take the paper test and everything) within a half hour. I showed up 10 minutes before it opened on a Friday morning.
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About a year ago I no longer had a car and let my driver's license expire without realizing it. I had either lost or never received the letter from the Secretary of State with my "Safe Driver Renewal Number", for online renewal. I was able to call the SoS and they provided the renewal number to me over the phone, and I was able to renew online even though my license had been expired for months. My new license arrived in the mail shortly thereafter, no trip to the DMV necessary.
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