Meditation Music like Kay Gardner's A Rainbow Path
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I'm looking for music like this album: good for meditation, loosely "new age" or spiritual, musically rich and not cheesy. (It doesn't have to be chakra-related, but that's a bonus.) Any leads at all are appreciated.
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I haven't listened to it yet, but Moby just did a thing.
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Robert Rich's latest release, What We Left Behind. Or any other of his numerous works, such as the amazing, 7-hour long Somnium.

Liquid Mind also has quite a few lovely recordings available.

There are hours and hours of such music available on YouTube, such as this piece by Steve Roach. I listen to these works to get me through my work day.
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You might like Popol Vuh. Lots of good stuff in his catalog. Here's one: Popol Vuh - Hosianna Mantra
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Have you ever listened to Alice Coltrane? I think some of her work might scratch this particular itch. Journey in Satchidananda springs to mind.
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Oh, also, Andrew Bird's instrumental works are pretty conducive to meditation. Useless Creatures is great, here's my favorite track from it.
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I <3 Tony Scott's (not the director) "Music for Zen Meditation" for this.
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