Where can i find a flat-ish pillow?
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I'm way over due for a new pillow but i can't seem to find one i like. I tend to use flat pillows as the others i've tried tend to make my head sink in or they're stuffed too much to the point it hurts my neck. If it helps i usually sleep on my side or back. Where can i find a good pillow or two?
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Have you tried a memory foam pillow?
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I really like my Tempur-Symphony pillow. The memory foam is firm enough to keep your head from sinking in and I find it to be a really good flatness for neck comfort, although I don’t know if it’s as flat as you have in mind. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond; if you’re near one you could check it out in person and you can usually track down a 20% off coupon.
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I like flat pillows too. My favorite are the 2-in-1 style that are memory foam on one side and fiber fill on the other, like this one. I don't know if that's the exact brand I have but it's definitely similar. And in mine the 2 sections are separate so if it's too tall you can remove one and then it's super flat. I did that for a while when I was having neck issues that required a really flat pillow. Now that my neck is better I'm back to using both halves.
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You may also want to take a look at Isotonic Indulgence pillows for side sleepers. They sell them at Bed, Bath & Beyond. They're poofy in appearance, but you can get them to the exact thickness you want very easily by just nestling in, I've found. I'm pretty crazy about mine.
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Have you tried a buckwheat pillow? The one I use is by Mayukori and it is one of the best things in my life. They come overstuffed, and you take out as much of the buckwheat as you need to to get it to the right height (I took out about half of mine).
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I came to suggest buckwheat. You may not even have to take stuff out. They are far more malleable than other pillow types.
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I like a thinner pillow, though I need some support. I've tried all kinds with various success.

Then I bought a dirt cheap memory foam pillow from ikea and have never been happier.
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Response by poster: @AmandaA Are the buckwheat pillows worth the price? It sounds like a really great pillow though! Does your head sink in any?
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Nthing memory foam -- Ikea has a really great low-profile one for those of us who like a flatter pillow. The buckwheat ones are also good. They are a bit noisy, but you get used to it quickly.
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I am a side/back sleeper and I also love IKEA's cheap-as-dirt Rölleka pillow. My only complaint is that it's so flat it fails to fill out a pillowcase and so looks a bit anemic; I forgive it, because it's dead comfy to sleep on. I have a differently-named IKEA memory foam pillow that's filled with foam chunks, and while it's nice for propping up, it's too beefy to actually sleep on. You want that contoured affair.
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Costco had nice flat pillows with square edges which are the best.
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I use a hybrid buckwheat/millet pillow that's a good bit cheaper than the other one linked, and really like it. You can add/remove filling as needed to get the height you like, and it seems to work well for both side and back sleeping. It takes a bit of getting used to, since you need to adjust it differently than you would a fluffy pillow, but it's been great since then. Having the hybrid is nice because buckwheat and millet act a bit differently, and you can get a taste for which you like better by just flipping it over.
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Ikea also has flat feather/down filled pillows, which we really like.
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I too am always looking for a flat-ish pillow, and have tried lots of different kinds.

I just had to comment to warn you: everyone tends to suggest memory foam and buckwheat, but they're SO HARD! I get just as much neck pain from them. I don't want a pillow so soft that I can't breathe from sinking into it when I turn on my side, but a pillow so hard that my neck hurts when I end up on my back is just as bad.

As far as feather pillows go, joseph conrad is fully awesome is right - some of the Ikea pillows aren't half bad. They come in various thicknesses which are clearly labeled, which really helps.

My current favorite pillow, however, is this Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow. It has "soft polyester fiber" and a water pocket that you can fill as much or as little as you like. The combo is pretty nice, and the water adjusts itself as you change positions during the night. I keep mine only partially filled to avoid that overfull thick hardness problem, and as an extra bonus I think the water may lead it to it being a bit cooler, which also helps improve your sleep.

(Slight disclaimer: I've only had the waterbase pillow for about a month, so the honeymoon period isn't quite over yet. But so far so good!)
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I've had the water base pillow for 8 years and it's the best pillow I've ever had.
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I use one of those shredded memory foam ones with the bamboo covers ... I bought it at some weekend event at Costco a few months back. I removed a large amount of the memory foam to make it flat and malleable and I've been quite happy with it.
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@AmandaA Are the buckwheat pillows worth the price? It sounds like a really great pillow though! Does your head sink in any?

I use a buckwheat pillow from amazon. Definitely flatter than other new pillows. It really helps with my 'hot head' issue - far less insulating/heat storing than other pillows. It is very malleable which is both a pro and a con. You can shape it for how you are sleeping but if you move in your sleep you kind of need to reshape it. I find the large size to be a bit too small - I wish it was a full size pillow - also a pain to use your pillow cases with. It is also a bit noisier than other pillows - you can hear the buckwheat grinding when you move.

Overall, I prefer it but it is still short of my idealized dream pillow.
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All of the things srbolsvert says are true, but I do think mine is worth it (we initially bought one for my partner at the recommendation of their chiropractor, and then I loved it so much we splurged and bought another for me). You can certainly find one cheaper than the one I listed.

You sort of have to... grind your head, I guess, to get it to sink in? I push the buckwheat hulls around a little in order to cup my head while supporting my neck. Basically: it stays in the shape you force it into.

And yes, they're way smaller than normal pillows. I ended up making spare pillowcases out of old sheets rather than buying new ones from a specialty shop.
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The Slender Bed Pillow from the Vermont Country Store is nice.
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