What Are the Best Sources for Out of Print Videos and Audio Tapes?
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I'm looking for a source of audio or video tapes with business/sales guru Don Beveridge. I checked a few of my local libraries but don't see anything there -- haven't talked to the actual librarians yet, but it seems like these may be fairly esoteric.

Google searches turn up a few YouTube videos and references to hire him for speaking engagements. We're pursuing that to see if the man himself can point us to copies of his work. Barring that though is there a good eBay for out of print business books on tape and video lecture series?
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Worldcat.org indicates that the Glendale library has a few


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Worldcat has 21 entries for Don Beveridge audio/video. Check with your library's circulation desk to see if they're available through Interlibrary Loan.
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