What breed is this dog?
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What breed dog is this?

Found it on my SO's doorstep this afternoon. Took it around the hood and it doesn't seem to belong to anyone. Want to put up a poster that will include the breed.

Pics of the dog
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That is a chiwawa of some sort.
posted by bigmusic at 9:44 PM on December 25, 2005

Very cute dog. Yes, definitely part chihuahua. I'd swear it's part pit bull too.
posted by TimeFactor at 9:55 PM on December 25, 2005

Nextdaypets.com lets you search for dogs to rescue by breed, including mixes. Here's the search results for chihuahuas, and Porkchop looks pretty close but it doesn't mention what he is, other than chihuahua.
posted by TimeFactor at 10:05 PM on December 25, 2005

Looks to me like a chuhuahua and welsh corgi mix.
posted by deafweatherman at 11:04 PM on December 25, 2005

Seconding the Chihuahua-Corgi answer above.
posted by frogan at 11:43 PM on December 25, 2005

Looks like a plain old Cardigan Welsh Corgi to me.
posted by dobbs at 11:58 PM on December 25, 2005

Looks like the fella has some Basenji blood to me. If he doesn't bark, then he may be a Basenji.
posted by Arqa at 12:59 AM on December 26, 2005

If it is a chihuahua, its definately a mix breed. His head is the wrong shape, and he appears to be a little large.
posted by Amanda B at 3:22 AM on December 26, 2005

How big is the dog? It's hard to tell in the photos. The height from floor to shoulder and the length from chest to butt is very useful to determine breed.

I highly doubt there's any basenji in there, and most basenji crosses bark AFAIK.
posted by mikel at 5:45 AM on December 26, 2005

It is kind of chihuahua-like, but the facial and feet markings and that pink-brown nose (which is really too big for a pure chihuahua, and the ears might be as well) are pit bull/staffordshire traits. I wouldn't mention it if you're making a "Found" poster. Leave it at "chihuahua mix" or possibly "Is this your wingless fruitbat?"
posted by Lyn Never at 5:49 AM on December 26, 2005

Yup, there's definitely some chihuahua in that dog.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 6:20 AM on December 26, 2005 [1 favorite]

The ears, eyes, skull shape, and muzzle are definitely Chihuahua. Can't tell about the rest of the dog without knowing its size - AmStaff/Pit, maybe?

Mixes like that are silly but possible. I've got a Chihuahua/Lab mix. Those little guys get around.
posted by cmyk at 6:54 AM on December 26, 2005

It's a mutt. Figuring out what breeds went into a particular mutt is a very inexact science, especially since it's likely a mutt to the N-th generation. That is, it's likely something like a Chihuahua / corgi / AmStaff / Boston terrier / Lab / bichon / sheppie / collie / Aussie / Scottie / Westie, with no purebred in the last 5 generations that led to it.

I would just put "WHATEVER pound red mixed-breed" as the breed. If you put up "Chihuahua mix" and it has owners who happen to know that it's a mix that doesn't include Chihuahuas, they (or others looking on their behalf) might not really see your sign.
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In case you weren't already planning to, why not just put a clear picture of the dog on the poster in addition to the (possible) breed? Even if it's in black and white, it may help.
posted by needs more cowbell at 11:03 AM on December 26, 2005

Yo no quiero perro bruto! That critter is definitely part "chiwawa," and deafweatherman, frogan and, especially dobbs, may all the ancient curses of fair Cymru rain down upon you for defaming Corgidom.
posted by rob511 at 12:04 PM on December 26, 2005

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