Bday gift for tomorrow
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A beloved person turns 21 tomorrow. Will be seeing said person this weekend. But would like to acknowledge this milestone on actual day. Difficulty level: said person is in Stockholm (suburb) and I'm in California. Stockholm is 9 hours ahead. Swedes: Can I get a Lilla My mug delivered? Flowers? Ideas welcome. Under $100. Thanks!
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Best answer: So... it's a quarter after seven in Stockholm now... In which case, yes, I think you probably can? Try You can pay with Mastercard, Visa or PayPal, and it has an English-language site, if that's an issue.

(Sweden has no Amazon, although you might be able to get a next-day delivery from I wouldn't risk it myself, though.)
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Response by poster: Thanks. Turns out has same-day delivery so I'm saved. Thanks so much, running order squabble fest!
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