Kind of similar to BitTorrent Sync, but for Chrome
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I have 3 windows with about 50 tabs open in my Macbook. I now want to go to my iMac and have these same open tabs. How can I mirror that?

• I am signed in my Google account
• I have configured the advanced sync settings in Chrome to sync all data, including open tabs

The problem is that it's not doing what I want to happen, which is - say I open a new tab in one computer, I also want it to automatically open in the other, and for everything to be updated in real-time (or at least changes will be synced if ever one computer goes to sleep).

Is there a tool out there or a trick that helps me do this?

For now the workaround that I am using is send all open tabs to OneTab, copy the URL for the sessions, and open that in the other computer.

(My Google-Fu has failed me. I tried searching for this on Google, but either I'm asking the wrong question or using the wrong keywords.)
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Maybe this: Real-Time Tab Sync
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Not necessarily the suggestion you hoped for but... I played with this for a while and eventually just relented and starting using safari, which actually does exactly what you want. If you're trying to sync it from mac to mac... well then, hey.

It's as close to instantaneous as you can get. I use it all the time when i'm say, reading something in the bathroom on my phone and then open it on my mac.
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Chrome's built-in functionality doesn't work exactly the way you want (i.e. tabs opening themselves automatically), but it should still work better than your workaround. If you are signed into Chrome on both computers you can open up history on one device and it will show you what tabs you have open on the other as a list under the device name (example here).
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Thanks, I'll check out Real-Time Tab Sync. Reviews say it gets wonky after only a few tabs, so not sure if it'll be able to handle mine on a given day, but maybe worth a try.

I did open up the history but under devices it only shows my phone, and not my macbook.

I found another workaround though—this is when you have Chrome open on both computers (and you're signed in, and sync is configured yadda yadda):

• Say I'm looking at a tab on the macbook. There's a Chrome icon that will appear on the dock in the iMac.
• If you click that, then the tab gets opened in the iMac. And vice versa.
• So I just open a window, then click the tabs one by one so they get transferred. A bit tedious, but it works.
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