Best chest freezer?
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I'm looking for recommendations for reliable, small- to medium-sized chest freezers to buy new.

I'd like to get a chest freezer to store meals and fruits/veg for myself, as well as meat for my pets. We have a freezer/fridge in our rented place, but it can barely freeze a tray of ice.

I'm looking for something that is relatively small, since I'm really only freezing things for one person and three pets. I'm also looking for something that is as reliable as anything can be in this day and age. Most of the stuff on Amazon has a spate of one-star reviews detailing how the product stopped working after 18 months.

I'd like to get something new rather than going the craigslist route.

And finally, I'd like something that has an Energy-star rating, though that may be too much to ask.

Do you love your small, reliable chest freezer? Please share!
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I don't think chest freezers get much smaller than 5 cu. ft. Anyway, we have this one, and have had no problems with it. It freezes food and keeps it frozen; it hasn't had frost issues.

They go on sale fairly frequently, so you can usually get a good deal.
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Oh, and don't buy a chest freezer on Amazon. Get it from an appliance store (or a store that sells lots of appliances, like Sears or Home Depot). You can still order online (and even set up delivery online, no phone calls or store visits required).
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Are you dead set on a chest freezer? Because upright freezers come smaller if that's what you need. Here's a well-reviewed 3 cubic foot model. I don't see any reason to not buy at Amazon... just stay away from the ones that have bad reviews.
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I don't have a dog in this hunt, but someone asked this same question a few days ago on/r/buyitforlife.
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Thanks for your suggestions!
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