Where to shop in San Francisco?
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I'm going to be in San Francisco for three days at the end of the month - looking for specific shopping advice.

Where to find stores that sell Original Penguin, great bookshops (apart from City Lights), neat boutique stores like Newbury St. in Boston, antiques, any great markets...
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Black Oak Books is a pretty great little used bookstore. It's on Irving, I believe between 7th and 8th avenues. 'Round there. That whole area (inner sunset) has great shops.
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I went here, clicked "Where to buy," and put in my zip code, 94114, and it came up with the list of SF retailers. So, that's my advice, just put in my zip code or another SF zip code.

I quite like Green Apple books in the Richmond but it's not a fun neighborhood to be a visitor in otherwise. Unless of course you love good Korean BBQ. In which case I suggest eating at Brothers on Geary.

There're lovely boutique stores in just about every neighborhood but I'm not familiar enough with Boston to have a comparative suggestion.

The Ferry Building has great markets; good italian deli, delicious Miette pastries, organic produce, fish markets, organic beef, mushrooms, olive oils, herbs, everything - just everything good in the world.
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You HAVE to eat at (either of the) Brother's if you like Korean. best of its kind hands down.

other than that, unless you have specifics you're looking for, just hit the usual places - union square, the marina district/north beach, haight st, fillmore, hayes valley, and so on. you should find one of whatever you're looking for.
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Borderlands Books is a great store specializing in horror and science fiction.
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Check out this article: http://www.sfbg.com/38/27/cover_superlist_designer_clothing.html many of the designers in this article are fantastic especially dema. Other great places to shop: Hayes Valley (Hayes street near Gough Street), Noe Valley (24th street between Church and Castro, be sure to visit Astrid Rabat), Fillmore Street heading west from California Street, and if you want high rrent stuff, Union Street over in Pacfici Heights.
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if you're not just concentrating on the city i'd also suggest going to the ghourmet ghetto in berkeley. Lots of really good little eateries and some good bookstores as well. You can also hit up telegraph ave to get a feel for the stereotypical berkeley.

I'd suggest pizza at cheeseboard (or deepdish at zackeries if you have a car) or for real insanity cheap sushi at party sushi, and hit up the gilatto place in downtown berkeley. There's also a black oak books, a good sci-fi bookstore (VERY similar to the one in the garage in boston), and some comic book stores along the way.
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sorry, the garage is in harvard square...realized nobody would get the comment otherwise...
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Seconding Hayes Valley for women's clothing boutiques. Adding Jackson Street (Square?) for antiques. The Ferry Plaza Building also has amazing food-oriented boutiques -- high-end olive oil, cooking supplies, good wine, chocolate, cavier, etc.
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