How Do I Edit/Disable Google Playbook Recommendations?
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I bought an Agatha Christie book with Google Playbook. Now, it's recommending every Christie book. Ditto Star Wars. I bought one book. Recommendations are awash with hundreds of Star Wars titles. How do I fix this? Google itself is no help.
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In the Play Books app on Android, you can press the ☰ menu button at the top left and switch from “Read now” to “My library” to view just your own books, without recommendations below them. But you’ll have to do this each time you re-launch the app; there's no way to make it always start at “My library.”

To remove an individual recommendation, click the menu button on the recommended book, then choose “Not interested.”

As far as I can tell there’s no way to remove all recommendations. You can either ignore them, remove specific ones that bother you, or hope they become more relevant and varied over time as you read more books.
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