Best Webhosting for Adult Content?
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Hi, I need to purchase some (cheap?) hosting for a small portfolio site for my camgirl/webcam model persona. I also need to host photos for my profiles on chat/clips sites. Is there a simple, easy, not shady, not expensive company you'd particularly recommend that is fine with adult content?

I'm so dumb about this stuff and it would be so like me to not read the TOS and get kicked off just after I got everything set up.

I'm not running any merchant activities through the site itself - it's just a simple one page website linking out to other places where you can buy things/buy me things.

None of the content is illegal or honestly even very naked, though of course it would be much safer to be with a company that is fine with whatever.
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Try this ...
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I looked into this for a client about a year ago and this host was the best for adult content in regards to reliability and cost.
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nearlyfree is a very low cost pay as you go ISP with very strong privacy policies. Not too much hand holding but fine if you can write your own html.
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Seconding S3 for this type of thing (I've got a blog and various single page images heavy sites on it). Adult content is okay in their TOS, it'll be cheap for a small site, and once it's up you don't have much of any ongoing maintenance (like no patching WordPress, etc).
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Memail me; we do some hosting for adult content, from servers located in the Netherlands, so everything is on the up-and-up.
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Try They specialize in adult, have managed hosting and best of all they are inexpensive.
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