What is this noise coming from the bathroom?
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We've already emailed our landlord about it, but what do you suppose this noise is? It just started today. It's really loud and lasts for several seconds, then it stops for minutes or hours.
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Perhaps one of those mechanical timers? They flick something physical as they trip the attached device on and off and it can sound like that. The kind where you either push in 15 minute 'blocks' on a timer or move around steel legs to point at the hours you need to turn a heater or pump off.

Like this: http://www.greenelectricalsupply.com/intermatic-t102-mechanical-timer-switch.aspx
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It sounds to me like when birds peck at the plastic of my birdfeeder, which they know will shake down the last bit of seed and/or page me to appear with a scoop full of food.

It does also sound like a mechanical switch (a toggle maybe, or even a heavy-duty plastic switch making a stiff mechanical connection - we have some outside for our hot tub that very nearly sound like that), though that's a very fast switching.
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I'll just add this one, sounds like the igniter on a gas appliance like a stove or hot water heater.
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Yeah, seconding Grumpy old geek - is your hot water heater in the bathroom? I wonder if it's having issues staying lit, or maybe the thermocouple is going out...
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I also thought it sounds like an igniter.
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Here's a gas oven igniter clicking away, for reference.

(fwiw, soundcloud played three clicks and then a Kanye song, but from your description it sounds like you're hearing more clicks and less Kanye.)
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