Medical Edibles - what do I do with ones I hate
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I am trying to sort out using medical marijuana for chronic pain and I had no idea when I started out that it would all be so vague and experimental. I am now finding myself with things that I have tried and will not use and assume I cannot return. I hate just tossing 4 taffy bars that are just too high in THC for me. Yes I tried tiny bites. Hated it.

Is there a place in Portland OR that I can donate my unused/ unopened edibles?
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Where you acquired it? Just give it back, say it did not work for your need. If they don't try to swap, it give it back in donation to someone who might need it.
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Give them to a friend?
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I don't know anyone who uses edibles. I don't even know anyone who smokes pot. I asked the one person I know with a card to buy me some to save The 25% tax when I should have just gone in myself and picked something with less THC. I will see if they will swap it.
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I tried to return an unopened item to a (CA) dispensary and I was unfortunately treated like someone trying to run a scam even though I had a receipt. I'm sure they get a lot of weirdos doing exactly that so maybe I can't blame them, but it kind of ruined how I saw the city-licensed dispensaries in town. I think what you should do is ask to meet a manager/owner about the issue you are having with the medicine you've tried, and let them figure out a way to help you instead of randomly wondering in asking for a refund like I did.

Not sure about OR, but my impression with the CA system is that they will bend over backward to help honest-to-god patients instead of the legions of people with "insomnia" who just want to be legal. Part of the "medical" legal mandate here is that they are required to provide "patient services" to help people like you and almost all the dispensaries have people eager to talk about these programs.
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I'd take them off your hands if you were in Seattle. I'm not a fan of high THC but I have a lot of friends who are.
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There's an r/COTreeGifting for situations just like this in Colorado. It looks like there's one for OR, too, but you need to get permission to join and post.
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Thanks everyone. It turns out I know more people than I thought.
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