Mystery Dogtag Object
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My in-laws recently moved, and found a metal dogtag-like object in the finished basement. It looks as though it has some purpose, but we cannot figure out what that might be. [Side One] [Side Two]

The object seems to be a high-quality design, and the arrow suggests that it could work as a key of some sort. There are definitely two layers of metal (one wrapped around the edge of the other), and no clue if there is anything between them.

Perhaps this is part of a toy? A fancy way to access furniture/luggage/appliance? Anyone recognize this?
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That is identical to the electronic access pass I had in college, for accessing buildings at night. You insert it into a slot in the direction of the arrow, and it unlocks the door.
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Came here to say what girlgenius said. This is identical to my keypass at the college where I studied abroad. Right down to the arrow!
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