Is there a makerspace on Seattle's eastside?
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I love TechShop, but there's none anywhere near here. I think there's some makerspaces in Seattle, but I'm looking for something on the east side (Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland). Some place with tools and space to use them.

The only place like this I know of is Microsoft's "Garage", but that's employees only, so it's no help to me.

I'm looking for stuff like woodworking tools (mitre saw, table saw, etc) or welding stuff. I want to make stuff and can be a bit flexible on what medium that takes, but I want tools that I can't have in my apartment. Where can I find them? :)
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I can't find any on the east side, but some nearby options are Metrix Create: Space and Sodo Makerspace.

Even if they're not close enough for comfort, it might be worth going and talking to members to see what other resources there might be. From my (not local enough) local hackerspace I found two nearby places, one with space and tools for woodwork, another for metalwork, for reasonable rates. They're unrelated to each other, but they're both small, mom-n-pop shops that are happy to rent out their downtime if you have the skills. I'd be surprised if Seattle doesn't have a few of those.
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