Bird ID Question--small black birds with brown heads
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These little birds show up every day and hang out on my wife's car. It's really cute. I can't identify them though. I am in Wisconsin. Here's a quick video of them in action. It includes one of them trilling right near the middle.
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Looks like a brown-headed cowbird. They don't rear their young, instead they lay their eggs in other species nests and let the foster parents do the work.
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I think they're Broken-headed Cowbirds, too. Those two look like males, light head and dark body. The females are pale brown.
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Absolutely, Brown-Headed Cowbirds. One of my wife's favorite birds (not necessarily one of mine.)
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For future reference (and bird finding fun) you might try Cornell's bird id application merlin

It does a decent job. I just wish there was one of these things for insects.
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