identify this necklace
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Can you identify this necklace?

My wife's bday is coming up...
Local S.F. CA newscaster was wearing this and the wifely-sort remarked she liked it.
(That's our understanding that I'm now under contract)

Apologies for this blurry tv screen pic.
Have you seen this necklace, or one with similar array and colors?
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That peachy pastel is hot right now. Check out baublebar or kendra scott necklaces at Nordstrom. Not exactly the same, but lots of statement/bib/stone necklaces in that shade. This is the closest thing I have found so far.
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Send the picture to the station and ask. They probably get more questions like that than you can imagine.
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I wouldn't ask the station--it sounds too close to stalker-query to me. The white discs are most likely mother of pearl. Here's a link to Etsy shop that could probably copy it for you.
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A close relative of mine is television news anchor. She gets questions like this all the time. People write in (or contact her through her station Facebook page) to ask about her hairdresser, her wardrobe, and her jewelry choices. She almost always finds these requests to be quite flattering.

I think that if you phrase the question in a similar way to what you wrote here, you'll be just fine.
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First thing I did a few days ago was to send the question to this anchor's station email address, trying to avoid any creepy-ish tone. No answer.

Thanks for suggestions so far!
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I checked out the shop Ideefixe recommended. Specifically, I zoomed in on some of the products to check the quality. There don't seem to be any pictures of the clasps on the necklaces, but when zooming in on the earrings, I found very poor workmanship. Loops are not closed (which means the earrings will likely fall off the earwire), loops are crooked, and they are oval instead of round. The earwires are the very cheapest kind you can buy, as well, and will likely not be hypoallergenic and will become dull and possibly corroded.

So yeah, Etsy is a good place to find someone to make something for you, but you really have to look carefully to make sure you're getting good quality.
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Here's another one that's kind of close: Christopher Straub Necklace
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