Recipes for restaurant "house" hot sauce?
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This might be a lost cause but two (very) different restaurants in my town have house hot sauces that are very similar styles which makes me think it may be a thing. Thick - about as thick as Frank's - a little milder than Frank's, not too much vinegar, strong garlic presence, GOOD. I know that's not much to go on... is this a known style? Does it come in gallon tubs from Sysco? Recipes? Thank you in advance!
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The easiest way to make a "secret house hot sauce" is to blend a commercial hot sauce with one or two other ingredients, or perhaps mix two different hot sauces. This mystery hot sauce might just be Frank's + garlic powder.
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I bet if you call and ask they'll tell you where they get their hot sauce.
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Where are you? Hot sauces are sometimes a bit regional in nature.
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I cooked in bars for years, and one place used Frank's for medium and Sysco for mild wing sauce. I'm not sure if that is what you are looking for, but it definitely exists. It came in plain gallon jugs that said something like Sysco Wing Sauce on them. Sorry I can't be more specific, it was like 15 years ago. Did you try just asking them?
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I have been to restaurants where they have this too, but without seeing the kind you're having it's tough to say. I did a google image search for homemade hot sauce, and this looked pretty good:

Good luck!
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Oh also not to be glib

But your basic wing sauce is hot sauce (franks) and butter. I've made variations with whatever is in the fridge (Tapatio, Cholula, Siracha), so its very easy for a couple of wing sauces to taste similar but be different just by using similar but different hot sauces as their base.

Garlic is not a core ingredient but a common add in.
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