What to do with 3 full drums of diesel fuel?
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My landlord's ex left 3 industrial drums of diesel fuel on the property when they split. I just moved here, and would like the yard space free, which would please everyone since they're just taking up space at this point. What's the most responsible way to get rid of them? Post on Craigslist for people who need bulk fuel? Hazmat? Thanks!
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ps. this is in California
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Contact your city's hazardous waste disposal center to ask what to do with it.
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They're probably worth a few hundred bucks to someone who needs them, provided that someone who has them knows how to find someone who needs them, and can verify that they haven't been poisoned with sugar or something to get back at an ex. It doesn't sound like they're yours, though, and you just want the yard space, so the hazardous waste crew might as well get the money...
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an update that they're apparently biodiesel. And no, they aren't mine, or my landlord's, or the ex's (who disowned them) -- they're just considered trash to everyone here.
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I would post them on Craigslist. I would come pick these up from you and dump all of them in my bus/rv if i was near you, and I bet plenty of people around you would too. 150~ gallons is quite a bit of fuel.

How long have they been sitting? Either way, diesel/biodiesel is a lot more shelf stable than gas.
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Someone will definitely take them if you put an ad up offering them for free. Personally, I wouldn't put mysterious left behind biodiesel in my vehicle, but there are definitely people out there who will. It will probably be fine, but make sure you are clear that you don't know for sure that they are good.
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I might not pour it in my truck but I'd sure pour it in my space heater.
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That's farm fuel, if you know any farmers I'm sure they would appreciate it.
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found a taker and have a second waiting in line. thanks AskMeFi!
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