Seeking resources for small business newbies
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We are in the early stages of considering a new business - exciting! While we're very much at the "tossing around an idea" phase, we'd like to have as much information and advice as possible. And so I come to you, Ask MeFi, seeking your best recommendations for resources, knowledge, & discussion to help us turn ideas into a plan.

We're looking for resources for beginners who are interesting in starting a small business - in particular, starting up a food truck. General resources for small business beginners and specific resources for food truck entrepreneurs would both be welcome. Anything current & reliable is welcome -- whether it's a book, blogs, forums, or something else -- whatever might be instructive. Thanks!
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For any food related businesses, Anthony Bourdain's book Kitchen Confidential is a requisite read.
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most larger municipalities have guides now to get you through the legal part example

Many Food Truck Vendors Blog about their experiences and FAILs

and there is lots and lots of general info
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Every time I hear a hopeful entrepreneur in the food industry, I think of the Slate article Bitter Brew. The quote from Kitchen Confidential that you need to read is right there!
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You want SCORE.
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Also, seconding peagood.
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