My Twitter Account has booted me out, is asking for phone number - hope!
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My Twitter account wanted a phone number to verify a new account, and when I entered it it told me "unsupported phone number". Also, the drop-down menu pops back to Canada when I've selected United States. Please hope me!

I have several Twitter accounts; I was logging into one of my accounts when I was given the message from Twitter than my account was acting - I forget the wording but I think it was 'suspiciously' - and that they needed me to verify my phone number.

I don't think I gave Twitter a phone number for that account, but I complied as there's no other item to fill out on the page (e.g., email ).

I filled out my phone number:

1) With area code, using phone number dashes.
2) With area code, removing the dashes so there's just a long string of numbers.
3) (Out of desperation) no area code.

Whatever I fill out, when I click the submit button, Twitter says "Unsupported phone number". What should I do?

Additionally, although I select the United States +1 from the drop-down menu, it pops back to Canada - don't know if this is relevant.
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(I'm currently poking around here: )
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Sometimes twitter does this when they think you are a bot, spamming or whatever. It's like a second stage of verification to make sure you're a human. So Twitter wants to send you a text to more closely link some piece of data/tech to your account. If your phone number is a Google Voice number (or similar VOIP I think) you may need to enable... I think it's called "text forwarding" for it?

I'd clear your browser cache (or try another browser) and see if that clears up the Canada issue. When you go to this website does it show your location accurately? Can you use a different number and see what the issue is? Is this on a phone or a desktop machine?
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OMG I just remembered something - I changed my country to 'Canada' on my main account because it got rid of something that I cannot even recall what it was but it bugged me. So maybe it's expecting a Canadian number and when I give it a U.S. number it's confused? (As I am, thanks for the reply.)

- Yes, that website does indeed show my location accurately.
- This is on a desktop machine, I do not have a smartphone device.
- Just to rule this out, my home tel. number is not a Google Voice number, or similar 'VOIP'.
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Yeah change your country back and see if it fixes the thing.
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I cannot change the country back as it won't let me into the account.
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Okay I'm in!

I reset my password and then went in and changed my country from Canada --> U.S.

I've tried to add a security tel. number but for some reason it won't 'take'.

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FYI: The error message I receive whenever I try to add my home tel. number to my Twitter account is:

'There was an error sending a text to that phone number. Please try again.'
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Home telephone, like not a cell phone with text messaging? I believe twitter only uses phone numbers that can SMS.
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Yeah, you have to be able to receive texts on the number so that you can confirm with a code.
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Ah! Okay. Flickr auto-called me once to confirm so I thought maybe it was like that.
Thanks all.
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Most places only send texts - there are a few (Google) that can send voice calls.
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FWIW, and in case anyone else has the same problem: we worked around the "need to receive a text from Twitter" business by using a free account from TextNow, which gets you a phone number on which you can receive texts and view them in their web interface. Has worked well so far.

Twitter friends also suggested Google Voice as a potential solution for receiving texts.
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