Therapist recommendation in Roanoke, VA?
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Looking for a therapist in Roanoke, Virginia for an anxious new college graduate.

Darling Girl (22) has just graduated from college and will be living in Roanoke, Va., through the end of the year. She's been struggling with some typical young-adult issues (roommate drama, undergrad stress, grad school/career uncertainty), and is prone to anxiety and mildly disordered eating. She'd like to start seeing a therapist in the area - preferably one in the BCBS network. Appreciate any suggestions you can provide!
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Check your MeFi mail.
posted by headnsouth at 11:11 AM on May 27, 2016

I used the psychology today therapist finder to locate a trauma therapist that used mindfulness techniques. Just saying that because you can narrow down by what you need. Anxiety, age specialization, insurance, etc.
When I searched for Roanoke, VA tons came up.

I also had a couple recommendations from people so I was able to look at their profile before I chose.
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Thank you both so much - headnsouth has provided some great, specific recommendations in her message, and I'm glad to know about the Psychology Today finder tool. I'd welcome others too!
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