Help! Who was this hilarious NOLA comedian?
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I was in NOLA in February or March 2016, visiting an old friend. One night we went to Comedy Gumbeaux at Howlin' Wolf, sort of an open mic style thing. The obvious crowd favorite was a younger-looking black woman who had a hilarious set about "getting marmaladed" (when a tourist gets seduced into moving to NOLA by a sexy local) and dick pics and Cain gift cards. WHAT IS HER NAME???

I should have written her name down but of course failed to do so. I MUST KNOW! She's hilarious and I want to follow her trajectory, I know that she's headed for greatness. My NOLA friend can't think of any way to find this lady's name. Calling Howlin Wolf seems like an exercise in frustration because they host so many performers, and the only identifying details I have are her set and her demographics.

Another bit by her that might ring some bells..."White men have Vegas, white women have Cabo...NOLA is like the Vegas for Black women!"
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OP here again: physical appearance-wise, she was a tiny bit "fluffy", a little short, i think? (maybe 5'5") and she was wearing her hair in a short natural style, but of course that could've changed by now.
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have you looked at howlin wolfs online calendar for the dates you were there? looks like they have one, maybe you can scroll back and see if anything rings a bell
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ah. nvm. open mic probably doesn't list performers. she could be a regular though shoot them and email.
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You might try reaching out over Twitter to some of the members of The New Movement - they're an active improv/comedy theater in New Orleans and they might be able to help you out.
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I live in NO and have a ton of stand-up friends, but I don't recognize this person and neither do the two comics I've checked with so far. I'll let you know if I find out, though. It's possible she's not a regular performer.
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Corinth got it, her name is Geneva Joy Hughes! I found her fb and YouTube but they don't look optimized for publicity. If any of you Nola folks get the chance to catch one of her sets, i hope y'all enjoy it as much as I did. Hooray metafilter!
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