Looking for a good men's suit / tie / shirt combo for a summer wedding
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I will be attending a wedding as a guest next weekend. My options for a suit are: dark grey, light grey, and a lighter navy. I'm interested in buying a new shirt and tie combo for the occasion, but I'm looking for some options. I'd like something that's bright and fun, but doesn't clash (which I often have a hard time discerning).

Wedding and reception will both be indoors. I'm unsure what colors the bride has picked for the wedding.
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Grey and navy basically go with everything, so it will be hard to clash. Pick a suit that you know you will wear again - all those colors are fine. For summer I'd advise a lightweight fabric but stick to wool; don't cheap out and get polyester cause you will be too hot. A classic white shirt will let you be as flashy as you want with your tie, pocket square, and socks without sticking out too much. Avoid French cuffs as they make it difficult to roll up the sleeves in hour 2 of the dance party.
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For a summer wedding I would go with light grey or lighter navy. Go to Nordstrom's mens department with both of the jacket and get advised on what combination to go for, it really depends on the shade of blue and your level of comfort and personality. You may have more options and room for experimentation with the light grey so if you only want to bring one to the shopping trip bring that one. (Looks like I have a thing for plaid shirts! I think with a suit they feel summery to me.)
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I'd definitely go with grey. Grey suit with a white shirt always looks crisp, and doesn't show lint the way a navy suit would. A subtle pinstripe can jazz up the whole thing. Accessorize with a brightly coloured tie--orange, perhaps--and coordinating pocket square and socks.
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I would go with the light gray suit in a light weight wool. All of your choices are neutral, but of the three the light gray is probably the most neutral.

Here's a nice article about men's socks. The safe, traditional rule of thumb is to match your socks to your trousers. However, it's one of those "rules" that's easily "broken" if you're confident in your own style.

The men's department in a good department store, or a menswear store will probably have a bunch of shirt and tie displays in spring and summer colors that will give you some inspiration.
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Grey can be a hard colour to match unless you take into account the undertone - a grey can be a cool greenish grey, a warmer purple grey, a blue grey. If you can figure out which one of those your suit has, it'll make it easier to match.

For example, greenish grey - green (patterned? plaid?) shirt and darker green tie
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I love gray suits, and 99% of the time, I'd say gray. This is the other 1%. I love the way a navy suit looks with a white shirt and a bright tie in the summer. Something about that just screams summer to me.
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Bright and fun can often be something like a really nice bowtie with an unassuming clean white shirt and a picket square and socks that go along. If I am understanding you right, you have the suit (rather, three suits) and want something summery for shirt and tie? So maybe

- a light grey suit, pink shirt and then something that POPS as a bowtie
- light navy suit, white shirt and a strong madras tie or bowtie
- dark grey suit and (depending on undertone) a light purple or light green shirt with a contrastingly dark (or even striped!) tie

I often think that summer colors for formal stuff for men are a lot like easter colors, sort of pastel green, yellow, pink, purple and then accented with the non-pastel version of that color
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Don't forget a colorful pocket square that coordinates with your tie and possibly summery braces for when you take your jacket off to dance.
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