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My group wants to do a fundraiser to help an anti-Putin cause. We want to do our fundraiser in Russian. I'm almost positive it's not worth using any of the crowdfunding sites that are actually located in Russia, because our cause is so controversial in Russia it will just be shut down. What crowdfunding sites in the rest of the world are compatible with the Russian language? (I don't speak Russian myself, someone else in our group does and will run the fundraiser.)
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Indiegogo can do it, in the sense that they don't care what language you type your campaign up in.
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Thanks, I should specify it's to pay the health and legal costs of a dissident. It looks like Indiegogo isn't suitable for that, which is too bad because otherwise that looks perfect.
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I may be wrong because I'm not super experienced, but I think Indiegogo can do that, even though the platform is a little more aimed at product launches and stuff. Here is their page on "How To Raise Funds For A Beneficiary". Your "perks" would probably be along the lines of "sincere thanks for helping out", but that's fine.
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Ah thank you! That sounds like something we might use. If anyone else has any suggestions, I'll check those out too.
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