Possibly apocryphal story about Stax Records and Van Morrison?
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Did someone at Stax Records recommend "His Band and the Street Choir" as an example of great soul music? (My question is not about whether it qualifies as r&b or soul music, to be clear.)

Years ago someone told me that some important person at Stax Records loved "His Band and the Street Choir" by Van Morrison. More specifically, he told me that this person recommended it to artists like Otis Redding, Booker T, and the house band more generally as an example of how soul music should sound.

Has anyone else heard this story?

Does anyone know where it is documented, online or otherwise?

Do you know which person at Stax regarded the record so highly?

Do you know which artists he commended it to specifically?
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It is possible but I can't find any record of it. With those specific artists, it seems unlikely.

Booker T was a core part of the house band by 1962 and Otis Redding died in 1967. His Band and the Street Choir came out in late 1970, at which time Stax was past its peak. The M.G.s only had one album on Stax after that, and it may have been recorded before HBatSC was released.
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