Blogs about plants and plant collecting?
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I'm looking for blogs about unusual plants, collecting plants, growing plants...but not gardening blogs (necessarily).

I found Plants are the Strangest People, which is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for...I'd like to read about any and all plant oddities, plants that are tricky to grow, plants with history, unusual houseplants, carnivorous plants, orchids, caudexes, cacti, mosses, fungi and lichens (do people grow fungi and lichens?), people who obsessively collect plants as a hobby...

There are tons of blogs about gardening, and lots of articles about '27 houseplants you won't be able to kill', but where are the people who grow odd and difficult plants just because they're odd and difficult?
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I just today learned that North Portland (Oregon) has monkey puzzle trees because they gave seedlings out at the end of the Lewis & Clark Expo over a hundred years ago.
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Best answer: I love Brooklyn Orchids. I used to have to care for orchids as part of my job and had no idea what I was doing. This was a great source of information and real-time examples. The author collects and grows all kinds of orchids.
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Best answer: The Kew Science Blog is very good for scientific information. Kew's Blog index page includes that and a load of other blogs.
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Best answer: Hadn't realized until I looked at my feed: almost all the plant blogs I used to read have stopped or slowed way down without me quite noticing them do it. :(

Hooray! Plants! isn't updating as much as she used to, but she's focused on orchids, carnivorous plants (especially Sarracenia and Nepenthes) and orchids. About a post per month.

Kev's Orchids is new (since Nov. '15) but frequently updated, and is almost entirely orchid-centric, but many of the orchids in question are odd and there's a lot of detail. A post every two or three days.

Succulents and More is what it sounds like. Frequently updated, some attention to less common plants. A few posts per week.

The Houseplant Guru includes the occasional oddity, but may be more focused on plants' cultivation and less focused on plants' qualities than you're looking for. A few posts per month.

The Variegated Thumb appears to be dead, but there are a lot of unusual plants in the archives, particularly aroids and orchids.
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Best answer: There used to be a botanical blog carnival called Berry Go Round. I think you'll find quite a number of candidates by poking around its archives.
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Best answer: Brilliant Botany has a Tumblr.
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Best answer: The blog at Plant Lust.
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