SMALL high quality toiletry kit
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I'm looking for a small, lightweight kit that can hold a toothbrush, shaver, shaving cream, toothpaste and not much else. I'm having trouble finding this in stores or online. I've googled 'pencil pouches' which is more of the form factor I'm going for, and I'm not wanting to use zip locks. Must be gender neutral/male focused (if that makes sense). Thoughts?
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Try searching for a "dopp kit."
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Reisenthel might have a pouch that would work for you. I have one of their "multicase" pouches, which is probably bigger than you're looking for, but it's still fairly small for a kit bag and has a shape that's similar to a pencil case. The "travelcosmetic XS" is even smaller (9 x 10 x 8.5 cm) and looks pretty gender-neutral, at least in black.
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Try Muji - I have a toilet kit from them but they also do a bunch of little pouches.
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What is the maximum size you are looking for? Seems like Eagle Creek has a variety of small travel cases. Example.
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I use Ikea pouches and Tom Bihn products. The Ikea items come in various colors and I am rough on my bags. They are only $2.99 and I have the same set of the pouches for five years now. I see that they have a toiletry bag now as well.

I enjoy my Tom Bihn bag and accessories. They have various different sized bags with compartments, without compartments and also toiletry bags.
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If you haven't already, try looking at sites that sell luggage and then click on Accessories.
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What about something like this pouch* ... It has clips on it to attach it to a larger bag, but might be the size and form factor you're looking for.

*Self-link disclosure
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I use a kids size insulated lunch bag; the flat zip all around style. I prefer it to the standard shaving kit bag because it is shallow so everything is easy to get to; I found I was always completely emptying tall format toiletry bags like the previously linked IKEA bag.. Mine has flowers on it but they some in all sorts of patterns. This one is basic black but about an inch deeper than mine. LL Bean bag with sharks. Meir bag smaller than all the previous.

Bonus: they are somewhat leak resistant and are usually easily cleaned on the inside.
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If it's for travel, I really like this Bihn because it's clear and you can throw it on the belt. It's a bit bigger than you need. It's expensive but mine is holding up really well and the clear part still looks great.
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I use a clear, waterproof camera bag that's something like this. I found mine in the camera section at REI (a guy was teaching a class on international travel and he swore by these). It's sturdy and clear, and I've never had a problem getting through TSA using it. They come in various sizes.
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I've used the pouch that ftm mentioned for a few years now. It's a bit of a tight fit for a full-size toothbrush but otherwise it works great.
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Yes, Dopp kit or travel kit is the traditional thing. Stein Mart has this sort of thing.
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