Lyrics for Dixieland song -- Sing On
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I love this old Dixieland tune "Sing On" and in the chorus I can hear "Sing On," but I can't find the lyrics anywhere. There are other songs called this and Google has a lot of red herrings. Anyone have a clue where I can find the words? Here is a classic example
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If this is the one you're thinking of, it has lyrics added by The Valentin Choral Club Quintette, and is on both Black Vocal Groups, Vol 1 on Document Records, and Religious Recordings From Black New Orleans 1924-1931 on 504 Records. (artist clue via)

That link says the lyrics are credited "traditional," but I can't find anything more than that, or even another version with vocals. The 504 release doesn't have credits on the cover, and I can't find images of either the 78 or the Document CD.
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And just because I came across it, check this freaky jam from the same scene.
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