Help me not rage-drive my car into a telephone pole
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I have a 2016 Honda Fit. It has a Bluetooth connection, but I usually plug my phone into the aux cable so my phone can charge while I'm driving ( the aux connection overrides the Bluetooth). Whenever I do this and the car audio is on, my iTunes music automatically starts playing (in alphabetical order by song) as soon as the phone is plugged in. How can I keep this from happening? I can only hear "Alcohol" by the Barenaked Ladies so many times before I go mad.
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Is there a cigarette lighter-style socket in your car? If so, maybe get an adaptor to use that for charging your phone. I do this because the AUX socket in my car doesn't charge the phone as fast as the cigarette lighter can.
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All models of the 2016 come with 12-volt power outlets. Why are you plugging into aux when you could just plug your phone into the outlet and use Bluetooth?
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And by aux do you mean USB? I have USB inputs in my Mazda 3 and can never get music to play back how I want it to, if it plays back at all. Use the outlet and Bluetooth.
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Same problem, although mine is Abandoned (Lucinda Williams), About Face (Grizzly Bear), Absolute Beginners (Bowie). My phone does not care what kind of connection there is, Aux or BT. It's going to play rock music in alphabetical order by track, dammit! Looking forward to a solution.
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Acony Bell here. If I put it in randomize-all mode, it remembers that. I only hear the one song every time, then different ones. (Not a Honda Fit, but worth a try in yours.) Also, if I don't kill the music app on the iPhone, it picks up where it left off just like I pressed un-pause.
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I drive a newer Honda, too. Last year, I searched exhaustively for a solution but didn't find one. I haven't figured out a good solution except (1) to plug a USB adapter into the power outlet and charge your phone through that or (2) to create a silent MP3 titled "AAAAAAAA."

I still like using the AUX port, so I've just trained myself to turn down the volume or set it to a radio station before plugging in my phone. The Jackson 5's ABC makes me cringe now. I ended up downloading Rasheeda's A$$, because, I don't know why, I just wanted something new for those few times I forget to change settings.
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This doesn't fix your problem but I also have a Chevy (Malibu) and what I did is pick the most unobjectionable song and rename it to "A1 (song name)" in iTunes. Or you could pick one with a long quiet intro. This way I have a little time to pick a playlist.
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I use Amazon as my music player and I hit play before starting my car. This gets the music I want, except when it gets me Katy Perry's "Roar", a song my Honda apparently enjoys far more than I do.
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Forgot to say, the Katy Perry comes from itunes deciding to open itself and play.
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I have the same issue with an aftermarket headunit, which was ultimately solved by creating a 3 minute long silent mp3 that is named "aaaaaaaaaaaa."

There was a previously on this, maybe some other solution will work for you.
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My girlfriend's Fit does this same thing with her iPhone. The fastest solution that I have found is to press the home button to summon Siri and then tell her, simply, "play all" which will shuffle your entire music collection.
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we have a honda CRV and you have to start spotify on shuffle so it's playing, and then plug in the aux, otherwise, yeah, alphabetical.
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Thank you for solving the mystery of why my phone always plays "A Cause des Garçons" by Yelle when it gets plugged in to a car's aux port! I had previously dismissed alphabetical order because the artist name starts with a Y, but I never thought about it going through all the songs alphabetically. That's so hilariously non-intuitive (who plays their entire song catalogue in order like that?) but it always bugged me, even though I don't actually own a car and it pretty much happens when I need a rental once a year or something.
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And Your Bird Can Sing here. O God so loud

Anyways I've found that if I have a song or podcast playing when I plug in, it plays that instead. I usually just tap the first thing on the podcast list because it's guaranteed to be less offensive to me.
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I have a 2013 Honda. I solved this issue by using Bluetooth and plugging my iPhone into the cigarette lighter (via USB adapter) to charge. On Bluetooth it starts with the last listened to podcast/song. This is the best solution I've found over the last 3 years.
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FWIW, the AUX socket does not provide power to charge devices, it is simply an audio-in port.
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I drive a different brand of car, but my phone and stereo work the same way. Like others, I've solved it by using a 12V outlet to charge my phone and only using bluetooth for the sound part. If there is a better solution I never found it, but the plug in chargers are cheap so this was painless.
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I have a Subaru but the problem is with the phone auto-playing, not with the model of car.

LoveHam's solution worked for me. I listen to podcasts, not music, when I drive, and it's tough-love trained me into the habit of turning the volume down every time I shut the car off.

You have some control over what the phone will auto-play when it handshakes by bluetooth, but you can't prevent it from autoplaying. It's probably the single thing I hate most about the iPhone.
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Same problem, 2013 honda fit, no real solution except to change up what song is alphabetically first from time to time.

FWIW, the AUX socket does not provide power to charge devices, it is simply an audio-in port.

On a honda fit, "AUX" is the name for the USB port, which is what the OP is talking about.
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One solution could be to use a USB Condom, which passes only the power through and disconnects the data lines. The phone will charge but not sync or play to the car.

If you're willing to go low-tech you could make your own by sacrificing a USB cable. Locate and cut the 2 data wires in the cable. Might be a bit hard to identify but this chart can help you locate the two wires connected to D+ and D- if you have a meter.
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I have a '16 Fit, too. I know what you're talking about ("Pumped Up Kicks" for me) but it doesn't happen if I turn off the car mid-podcast or if I'm listening to the radio. For mine, if I have the radio button pressed (rather than aux), then it does not automatically turn to aux if I plug my phone in. Does yours automatically flip from radio to aux? If not, you may try keeping it on radio with the volume down, then queuing up whatever you want to hear on your phone and having that ready to go when you hit the aux button.
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If you have the Hamilton soundtrack on your phone it's "Aaron Burr, Sir." Ask me how I know.

This happens when I plug my iPhone into my car (Hyundai Veloster) using the USB port and a lightning cable so that I can control the phone with the steering wheel controls. The automatic play defaults to playing all tracks in alphabetical order by track title.

Sometimes, though, it will pick up where I left off the last time I was in the car. I have yet to spend the time to figure out exactly how to force this behavior (or at least to default to shuffle all instead.) So I shall be watching this space with interest.
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2015 Fit too.

My work around is playing music over bluetooth and buying a cigarette lighter USB charger.
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Toyota Sienna and Prius V both do this, fwiw. Persistently. Makes me crazy.
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