How can I get cat hair out of my fleece jacket?
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How can I get cat hair out of my fleece jacket?

I've tried using a lint brush, masking tape, sticky lint roller, running it through the washing machine (several times), but the hair seems to be embedded in the fibers.
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Try this thread.
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A curry brush or comb for both the fleece and your cat.
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Every year, I buy myself a new fleece jacket at REI. Seriously, I've given up on trying to extract cat hair from fleece, it's impossible.

I have my last three years worth of jackets sitting at home. I only take out the newest freshest one when I leave the house, and I try to hang it up as soon as I get home. I wear last year's most often around the house, and I wear the 2 year old one when I'm washing the others (I pretty much wear a fleece jacket 24/7/365).
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I do the rotation thing too - last year's is for working on the bike/car, hiking, climbing, whatever, and is handed down from the one I'll wear this year "out". It's impossible to keep a fleece looking .. fresh, to borrow that word, for more than a year (if you're lucky) - even without cat hair. They just start to get all fuzzy and ratty and generally kind of ugly.
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Maybe try to buy a fleece that isn't "bumpy"?

I have ones like this:

Yeah, they still get animal hair in them, but it brushes off easily.

Also I hang my coats.
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Maybe one of those Dyson animal hair vacuums would do it.
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