clearance in front of window ac unit?
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I would like to put my loveseat in front of the window that houses the small air conditioner. How much clearance should I give it? I could do up to 2 feet but I'd like to put it as close as I can. Thanks.
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...I feel like I'm missing some detail here, because I am sitting about 20 feet away from a loveseat that is pushed right up under the windowsill where I have an air conditioner.

Are you asking because the sill is lower than the height of the back of the loveseat? Or is the sill unusually shallow? If you were to push the loveseat right up against the air conditioner, would you be able to see any of it? I feel like we need a few more particulars here.
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Sorry. Yes, if i pushed the love seat right up against the ac, it would be completely hidden (smushed in back of said loveseat).
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In that case, I'd say 18" minimum.
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Hopefully your air conditioner has louvres that you can point away (up, down, left, right) so that you can get maximum airflow from it with the loveseat obstructing it.

If not, try making (or buying) an air vent deflector and then push the loveseat almost right against the air deflector.
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Also, yes, the air flow can be directed straight up.
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Even if you point the cold air louvers up, the AC still needs that lower part of the grills for air intake. I'd give it as much room as you can.

Make sure you clean the air filter regularly so it's not working harder than it has to.
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mgar is right, not blocking the intake is just as important as keeping the output clear. Barring specific instructions from the manufacturer I'd leave at least as much space in front as the intake grill is high.
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And if you can find something like these long sofa side tables with thin tops and open sides that happens to be the exact height of the boundary between intake and exhaust on your window unit you can place it between the A/C and the love seat recovering some of that floor space for something useful. As long as you aren't blocking either of the grills this will actually improve efficiency slightly by preventing cooled air from being sucked back into the A/C.
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I'd try a foot (12") and see how it works.
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