Crazy bold font
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What is it?

Can't remember the typeface name and it's driving me bonkers. WhatTheFont and Identifont don't seem to be doing it for me.
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Looks like one of the heavier weights of Futura. Try Extra Bold?
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extra black?
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Seconding Futura Extra Bold.
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WhatTheFont has it as Futura Extra Bold. It didn't have any problem once I cropped your souce image down to just "FLORIDA" without any noisy background to mess with it.
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To me, it looks like a "Scream Real" font, though I didn't try it, I could be wrong.
posted by Sarah_M at 6:43 AM on May 26, 2016

similar to Gibson Bold

or Core Sans C

both of which are yummy!
posted by gregjunior at 8:11 PM on July 11, 2016

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