How do I ebay?
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So, I am still trying to offload these discount codes and I set up an ebay account to do it. It has 3 page views, possibly all mine. Help me up my game in case it does not sell at all and I need to relist it.

The current listing is for all 7 codes, totalling $110 in value and the title just says they are codes from the site in question. What should the title say to get eyeballs on it? Would it be better to list them all separately or in smaller batches? What kind of (percent) opening bid should I list? What kind of (percent) "buy it now"price should I list? Any other suggestions?

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Check the completed listings for Recently, $200 worth of codes have sold for about $7-9, so for your $110 I feel like you might be able to get $5? Lots of people offering free shipping as well. (And I can't be the only one, but anytime I see offers for gift cards, I automatically assume I will never be able to use them anywhere and don't even accept them free when offered.)
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I think you're going to have a huge problem with this. First of all, not many people know about com, and as a buyer, how exactly would I vet that these were usable?

Additionally, the restaurants on the site are completely anonymous, I've lived in my neighborhood for 10 years and I've heard of zero of the restaurants where these are available. To top it off, I put my area of Atlanta, and got a list that included places that are 30 miles away.

I honestly think they have no value. I don't want to harsh your mellow.

I'd list them all in a bundle, and offer them for a starting bid for $5.

I'd put the title as $110 in coupons.

But honestly....I don't think you're going to get any bites, these aren't things people are seeking on the net.

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Okay, I just found your listing. It's not great. You have no Ebay history, so you're a total unknown. You need to have some kind of picture (even just a stock image of food), and you need to indicate in your title the value. So probably something like "$110 in codes" (although if I have a code I'm selling, I tend to say Codes Coupons Offers or whatever, multiple words that someone might use in a search). And in your listing, go into detail. Do you have 3 $25 codes? 8 $15 codes? That could be important, I don't really know how works. Other people include that in their titles, you might want to do that as well.
posted by jabes at 4:57 PM on May 25, 2016 [1 favorite] is selling $100 worth of their own coupon codes for $20 directly from their site, if that helps you figure out the going rate.
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Yeah, so, I tried to revise the listing and (after the umpteenth error for other reasons, like html, problems with the pic) got "Ah, you cannot sell multiple gift cards at one time" and tried to revise it further and got "Ah, you cannot sell gift codes on ebay. This is not allowed." and live chat is not available due to technical issues and I see no way to delete it. Anyone know how to delete it? Because this is apparently a no go.
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Go to your "My Ebay" Active Selling page where it shows your item, on right side of item you see ACTIONS, click it and End Item, follow prompts.
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Okay, cool, yay! I am done with ebay, possibly forever. Marking question resolved. Thanks everyone.
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