Best place to hang out in a parked car in San Francisco?
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This is not a sex question, I promise. Owing to some logistical ridiculousness, I'm going to have to spend part of a weekday sitting in my parked car, somewhere in San Francisco. No leaving the car. Where's the prettiest place that can be appreciated from a parked car?

I won't be able to leave the car because our cat will be with me. I'm more interested in, say, a quiet park where parking is available and I can just chill for hours parked beside a flowerbed, as opposed to for instance one of the hillside viewpoints where parking is tight and other drivers are waiting for a spot.

Please help me not explore San Francisco in comfort!

P.S. For anyone concerned about the cat, he's remarkably happy in the car, and we have excellent aircon.
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Seal Rocks. Take Clement out to the end, the old Sutro Baths. It should be cool and it's a great place to chill with a book.

Yes. I've had sex there.
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Bernal Heights Boulevard has plenty of parking, a nice view, and some shade trees to park under.
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hawk hill has a lovely view and has parking spaces that aren't time limited.
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The area around Lake Merced is nice, but also remote. Ocean Beach has parking within view of the ocean, and if you're near the Safeway, you can leave for ten minutes to use the bathroom or get a drink.
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Legion of honor's parking lot
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The Marina Green is a favorite parking spot for me and the mister. Watch ships, boats, waves and walkers.
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I would say anywhere along Ocean Beach because if you have to be there for hours I would want the scenery to be *doing* something. Watch the waves, the surfers if they're out.

Weather in SF rarely requires A/C btw.
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Seconding the Legion of Honor's parking lot.
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I'll try the Legion of Honor or Seal Rocks, but I've saved all of these suggestions to my Google Maps so who knows where I'll end up. Thanks folks! I'm now looking forward to this little pause.
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I have no suggestions, but I'm insanely curious as to why you'll be sitting in a parked car with your cat.
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Very north end of Van Ness has a small parking lot looking over Aquatic Park

Lands End parking lot at the north end of 48th Ave (probably better than Aquatic park)
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